Working With Your Area Franchise Developer

Franchise owners who view their area franchise developers as partners in success will find an invaluable resource.

October 19, 2022

The area franchise developer is the most critical person in your franchise network. Also sometimes known as a territory director, area manager, or field consultant, the area franchise developer oversees all franchises in a region. More notably to you, they’re your primary contact and support from the franchisor. Therefore, a good working relationship with them can either promote or hinder your business.

Too often, franchisees are distrustful of their area franchise developer. Their primary role within the franchise structure is to ensure compliance with brand values and procedures. Since most people who purchase franchises want to be their own boss, they might resent having someone look over their shoulder and correct them. But area franchise developers are in your corner and want your business to succeed just as much as you do.

Your Most Crucial Partner

Franchise owners who view their area franchise developers as partners in success will find an invaluable resource. An area franchise developer can be your mentor or coach if you’ll let them. And studies show that quality area franchise developers can significantly impact your success and level of satisfaction.

Your area franchise developer has likely helped several other franchisees grow and maintain their businesses, so they’ll have valuable lessons to teach. They can point out inefficiencies, help fill training gaps, and help you connect with other franchise owners for networking purposes. Avoid interpreting your area franchise manager’s suggestions as criticism of your management skills; instead, view them as learning opportunities.

Since area franchise developers manage multiple locations, you may only see yours once or twice a month. So, try to make the most of your time together. If they don’t already, ask them to preschedule their visits. This way, you can ensure your availability and have time to prepare questions and concerns. Make a list of what you want to discuss for a more productive meeting and take notes on their comments.

As you deepen your partnership, you’ll feel more comfortable bringing them concerns, asking for advice, and taking advantage of their promotional capabilities. You’ll also strengthen your professional ties with the franchise as a whole. The area franchise developer is the key connection between you and the rest of the franchise, so don’t let the relationship go to waste.

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