Assessing + Solving

The franchise industry is a fast-paced, ever-shifting landscape. WCFL is a firm of seasoned, knowledgeable, and deeply connected franchise law attorneys you can rely on to take proactive action to solve issues before they escalate. We'll help keep your business operating seamlessly.

Our Assessing + Solving Services

Lease Portfolio Review
A lease portfolio review is a strategic tool for revealing potential pitfalls, hidden costs and legal requirements as well as uncovering opportunities for lease negotiations and amendments that could reduce costs and provide grerater operational flexibility. Our lawyers optimize your agreements to mitigate risk and to ensure you are always ready to take advantage of the next opportunity.
Lease Portfolio Management
Your lease portfolio should work harder for you. Our firm provides continual management and optimization of your entire lease portfolio. We’ll help you meet critical dates and obligations in addition to notifying you of any important changes or opportunities that may impact your business, and give you the information you need to make incisive leasing decisions.
Corporate Governance Management
Safeguard your business and your brand with corporate structures that promote compliant, ethical, and transparent business practices. While you stay focused on growing your business, our team will ensure your corporate formalities are followed, providing the ongoing oversight, advice, and support you need to stay in alignment with industry standards and best practices.
Debt Restructure
Effective debt management allows businesses to alleviate financial burden by negotiating more favorable terms, a sustainable repayment plan, and sometimes even debt forgiveness. Our attorneys work with you and your creditors to position your business for financial health and stability.
Lease Renegotiation
In the fast-paced, ever-changing world of franchising, sometimes your lease terms become the blockade on your road to success. Our team has the prowess you need to renegotiate your lease from a position of strength. We’ll help you identify and address lease terms that are hamstringing you operationally and/or financial, ensure you understand the implications of any proposed changes, and negotiated terms that better support and protect your interests.
Outside General Counsel
Our attorneys work closely with each client and strive to know their businesses intimately. We are a trusted partner, operating as a seamless extension of our clients’ teams as we deliver proactive guidance and tailored, strategic solutions that move the needle for their businesses.

A Few of Our Assessing + Solving Clients

Our clients rely on us to safeguard their businesses with proactive, strategic, quick, and creative problem-solving. As much as we love a good challenge, we love knowing that our clients trust us to provide the ongoing oversight, thoughtful analysis, and targeted solutions they need to keep business moving. 

West Coast Franchise Law has represented our company for several years now, helping us with leasing and development. They did a great job helping us grow and when it came time to sell our 35 Burger Kings to a large private equity group, they were there to help us with that too. They’ve been responsive and insightful, adding value to every transaction…They were proactive in seeing issues that might arise and helped to think through solutions and negotiate fair outcomes.

Mark Escamilla and Phillip DeMaria
Former Burger King franchisees

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Our attorneys specialize in franchise law and will guide you confidently through the legal intricacies of launching a franchised business. And as you grow, we’ll collaborate with you to navigate the complexities and nuances of operating on a larger scale. Wherever you are in your franchise journey, our firm will provide visionary counsel and help you establish the legal foundation you need to realize your business goals.

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