Selling + Exiting

It's never too early to start thinking about your exit strategy. But, no matter where you are in your franchising journey, our team will work with you to sell and exit your business with the same care and consideration we put into helping our clients grow.

Our Selling + Exiting Services

Lease Portfolio Review
A lease portfolio review is a strategic tool for revealing potential pitfalls, hidden costs and legal requirements as well as uncovering opportunities for lease negotiations and amendments that could reduce costs and provide grerater operational flexibility. Our lawyers optimize your agreements to mitigate risk and to ensure you are always ready to take advantage of the next opportunity.
Legal Review
A thorough legal review can put your mind at ease as you prepare to sell or exit your business. Our attorneys provide critical negotiation guidance and conduct a detailed contract and legal document review in addition to assessing the implications of the sale or exit on various legal aspects.
Tax Management
When it comes selling or exiting your business, no savvy business owner wants to leave anything on the table. Our team will work to optimize your financial position, allowing you to exit your business with confidence and in a tax-efficient manner.
Succession Planning
A well-crafted succession plan can facilitate the seamless transfer of ownership from one generation to the next. Our firm is adept at guiding our clients smoothly through complex issues such as business valuation, estate planning, tax strategies, transfer of assets, and more — all while protecting your interests and legacy.
Sale and Leaseback
Unlock capital by selling your land and building while retaining use of the property. From start to finish, our attorneys will work to protect your interests as we negotiate smart terms, draft sale and lease agreements, handle disputes, and structure the transaction to maximize the benefit of this critical financial strategy.
Agreement Negotiation, Drafting, and Review
Our firm specializes in negotiating, reviewing, and drafting sales agreements and other related legal documents to ensure that the sale process is as frictionless and streamlined as possible. We’ll address various legal aspects such as IP rights and post-sale obligations in addition to negotiating favorable terms, including purchase price, payment structures, and any contingencies, to secure a successful deal.

A Few of Our Selling + Exiting Clients

My partners and I hired Nate and West Coast Franchise Law to represent us in the sale of 10 Applebee’s Restaurants in Texas; we also needed assistance leasing the real estate to the buyer… We’re glad we trusted them to guide us through the process… Nate calmly and diplomatically sought solutions to issues that arose along the way, avoided silly arguments, gave us solid, practical advice and got our deal done.

Jim Gore
Former Applebee’s franchise

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Our attorneys specialize in franchise law and will guide you confidently through the legal intricacies of launching a franchised business. And as you grow, we’ll collaborate with you to navigate the complexities and nuances of operating on a larger scale. Wherever you are in your franchise journey, our firm will provide visionary counsel and help you establish the legal foundation you need to realize your business goals.

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