Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Review?

West Coast Franchise Law offers a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Review of the franchise agreement. The FDD agreement is what you sign as the contract between you and your franchisor. We offer our FDD review at a flat-fee. But often we are asked, What goes into an FDD review? Learn More

Can I Renegotiate An Unfavorable Lease?

Are you a franchise owner stuck in a lease with unfavorable terms? If you have a solid plan and the right market conditions, you may successfully renegotiate an unfavorable lease. Learn More

How Can I Become A Multi-Unit Franchise?

Operating multi-unit franchises can be challenging and profitable but how can you go from a solo-entrepreneur to a multi-unit franchisee? Before you become a multi-unit franchisee, you need capital and support to succeed. Learn More

How Do I Keep A Good Location?

What can a tenant do to keep a good location? Create options to extend the term of the lease, make the conditions for exercising the options workable, and get the exclusive right to sell your products and services.

What Is An Estoppel Certificate?

It is a document designed to give a third party, such as a lender or purchaser, reliable information on the relationship between a landlord and tenant. Respond carefully because it can give the third-party rights against you if the information is incorrect, incomplete or misleading.

How Can I Limit Damages If I Default?

Sometimes the leased space you thought would be a winner for your business turns out to be a loser, and you have to shut it down even if it means defaulting on your lease. That can put you at risk of paying some big damages to the landlord. What could you have done during the negotiation of the lease to limit your exposure?

What Are My Rights When I Lease A Space?

Insist on including landlord warranties and representations in your lease, stating that at least to the best of the landlord's knowledge, the premises is not contaminated with hazardous waste, and that there are no legal actions, code violations, labor problems, and the like, which could interfere with your opening and operation. If the landlord refuses, it could be hiding something you should know about.

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