Franchisee Services

The fast-paced world of fast food franchises demands legal expertise that is as vigorous and forward-thinking as the industry itself. West Coast Franchise Law (WCFL) serves up comprehensive counsel and a customizable range of agile legal solutions catering to the unique needs of our diverse clientele and their dynamic franchise businesses. Our team works with you to creatively and effectively leverage each business opportunity while handling any issues that may arise along the way.

Growing + Developing

Whether buying existing units or developing new ones, we're there along the way to find the solutions your growing business needs to get the right deals done.

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Assessing + Solving

From time to time, every business encounters  circumstances that may or may not require legal counsel. Our team evaluates each situation, helps you consider your options, and works with you to take practical and effective action.

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Selling + Exiting

When it’s time to sell the business you’ve grown and cared for, we’ll help you get the deal done smoothly while ensuring your interests are always protected. 

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Strategic Partnering

The right joint venture can supply your business with the leverage and expertise you need to make the most of business opportunities. They can bring stability and continuity to your most important teams. These partnerships require care, thought, and creativity. And we have a ton of that.

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Our multi-generational family-owned business has grown a lot in the last 8 years to over 200 stores, and West Coast Franchise Law has been a big part of that growth… When it comes time to get something done, there’s no posturing or BS, just a focus on getting to a realistic solution quickly. They help us complete deals by working collaboratively with everyone in the transaction and finding solutions.

Brett and Adam Sibert
YUM! Brands franchisees

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Our attorneys specialize in franchise law and will guide you confidently through the legal intricacies of launching a franchised business. And as you grow, we’ll collaborate with you to navigate the complexities and nuances of operating on a larger scale. Wherever you are in your franchise journey, our firm will provide visionary counsel and help you establish the legal foundation you need to realize your business goals.

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