Morale Matters

A Positive Workplace Is Good For Business

July 7, 2023

Statistics published in Business Insider in 2021 state the quick serve restaurant industry has a turnover rate of 150%. It’s largely a consequence of employees feeling unhappy in their work. Low morale also leads to lower productivity and reduced quality. Therefore, improving how your staff feels about their jobs can pay dividends. Here are four strategies your management teams can start implementing today.

A Positive Workplace Is Good For Business

Solicit and accept feedback.
You’ve probably maximized efficiencies at your restaurants to the greatest extent possible — but have you considered what your workers have to say about it? The people following your processes probably have a lot of opinions about them, and they might even have ideas on how to improve your operations. Not every idea your employees have will be doable, but people still like to feel heard. Solicit and consider feedback, and implement it when possible.

Promote work/life balance.
Experts often say people don’t leave bad jobs; they leave bad bosses. Failure to respect personal boundaries is among the top employee complaints. Emergencies will always arise, but managers who regularly call and text during days off or change shifts last minute fail to respect their employees’ time. Be mindful of your staff’s availability and their lives outside of work.

Reward Loyalty.
A 2022 survey by 7shifts found the average employee tenure in the restaurant industry is only 110 days. With numbers like that, those who stick around deserve recognition. Consider celebrating anniversaries with gift cards, a paid day off, or a raise. The employee you reward will feel better about their decision to remain loyal and other employees will see a benefit to staying more than a few months.

Be a cheerleader.
Everyone likes others to notice when they’ve done an excellent job. So, find ways to tell your employees their hard work is appreciated. You might implement an employee recognition program where star staff can win prizes. But more straightforward options can be just as effective. A round of applause in a staff meeting, a personalized thank-you note, or an employee of the month program can make the people who run your business feel seen and valued.

Unhappy employees cost money, so make your restaurant a great place to work. Your staff, customers, and business will all benefit.

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