"I help people in many different franchise concepts lease spaces all over the U.S. One of my clients is a Taco Bell franchisee and their lawyer is Nate Riordan at West Coast Franchise Law. West Coast Franchise Law handles all aspects of their business including lease negotiations. Unlike many other attorneys, they work to come up with thoughtful solutions and solve problems. When I am asked to refer an attorney I say go get Nate, like no more searching, he’s your guy!"

-- --Yohar Renaud | Vice President, Mattis Partners 


"Our multi-generational family-owned business has grown a lot in the last 8 years to over 150 stores, and West Coast Franchise Law has been a big part of that growth. They help us with our corporate matters, acquisitions, new leasing and development, managing our lease portfolio and general business advice. They came to us with experience doing franchisee to franchisee transactions, corporate divestures and modification of franchisor to franchisee contracts. What we find helpful is that they have experience working with our franchisors and have cultivated relationships with the people that work there. They know the franchise administration and legal teams at Taco Bell and KFC. That continuity allows for consistent results when seeking partnership from the Franchisor. When it comes time to get something done, there’s no posturing or BS, just a focus getting to a realistic solution quickly. They help us complete deals by working collaboratively with everyone in the transaction and finding solutions. We think so much of them that we feature them in our offer letters, letting prospective acquisition targets know that we’ve got a great collaborative lawyer that will work efficiently and effectively to get our deal done smoothly. We’re bragging about our lawyers in our deal materials! We let other parties know that our lawyers know our industry and everyone in the industry. We get things done quickly and efficiently as they understand the market and focus on essential terms. When we need a professional to help us with anything, we can ask them and they will come up with someone great to help us out. We can’t say enough good things about this great firm."

-- --Brett and Adam Sibert, YUM! Brands franchisees


"West Coast Franchise Law has represented our company for several years now, helping us with leasing and development. They did a great job helping us grow and when it came time to sell our 35 Burger Kings to a large private equity group, they were there to help us with that too. They’ve been responsive and insightful, adding value to every transaction. When it came time to sell, they were a key factor in managing the deal process and finding solutions to problems as they arose. They were proactive in seeing issues that might arise and helped to think through solutions and negotiate fair outcomes.

We highly recommend West Coast Franchise Law. It is important to have a law firm that understands our business and we are grateful for their service during our growth and the sale of the business.

Thanks for helping."

-- --Mark Escamilla and Phillip DeMaria, former Burger King franchisees 

"My partners and I hired Nate and West Coast Franchise Law to represent us in the sale of 10 Applebee’s Restaurants in Texas; we also needed assistance leasing the real estate to the buyer. We spent decades building up this business and real estate portfolio, so this was a really big deal to us. We’re glad we trusted West Coast Franchise Law to guide us through the process. Nate played a key role in drafting and negotiating the asset purchase agreement, transfer of the liquor licenses and drafting and negotiating the real estate leases.  Nate calmly and diplomatically sought solutions to issues that arose along the way, avoided silly arguments, gave us solid, practical advice and got our deal done. Nate and his team were proactive, responsive and detail oriented. We highly recommend Nate and his firm."

-- -Jim Gore, former Applebee’s franchisee

"Nate and West Coast Franchise Law represented us as we took our Wendy’s operation from 9 restaurants to over 40 and then sold out and retired. Along the way Nate and his team helped us through several acquisitions, sell and leaseback numerous locations, refinance three times, restructure leases, close a few stores and counseled us along the way in different aspects of our business. Nate’s franchise knowledge and expertise were more than helpful on many occasions. Nate and his team were a vital part of our growth, success and exit, and we highly recommend them to any multi-unit franchisee.”

-- Hans Sohlen & Mark Reed, former Wendy’s franchisees

"My wife and I interviewed and then hired Nate when purchasing our franchise license. Being new to franchising, we were a bit uneasy with the process. We were also concerned with getting advice and contracting with someone from out of state. From our initial phone consultation all those fears were relieved. Nate was professional and very knowledgeable about the world of franchising. We believe he did an amazing job representing us, and asking very thought provoking questions to help in our decision-making. We would not hesitate to use his services in the future. Can’t say enough positive things about our entire experience, start to finish!”

-- Rudy

“My experience with Nathan was and continues to be extremely positive. Throughout my difficult process, I found him to be very reassuring. All my questions have been answered in a timely and complete way, he set forth his expectations for my case very clearly and communicated precisely what I needed to do. More than once, he went well out of his way to accommodate my schedule.

I’ve had the occasion to work with several attorneys in the past, and I’ve found that working with someone who is really my advocate – instead of just treating me as one small file in a large caseload – makes a tremendous difference. It definitely did in this case. I’d recommend Nathan very highly.”

-- A Satisfied Client

“I used Nate to buy a franchise, he did a great job.”

-- A Satisfied Client

“Nate has helped my husband and I in the past as we looked into buying a franchise. We did not buy the franchised based on his recommendation and it was a brilliant decision as in this economy and with their restrictive agreements, we would have been in a very backwards business model with no way out. Nate was even attempting to point out to the franchise owner’s lawyer what the issues were with their new agreement. Thank you Nate for your help.

I have also recommended Nate to several other co-workers and friends who have used him as well and really appreciated his assistance.”

-- A Satisfied Client