Nate Riordan Buyer’s Counsel for 3 Unit Taco Bell Sale

West Coast Franchise Law is proud to have acted as buyer's counsel in a 3 unit Taco Bell franchise sale in Washington State.

October 14, 2020

West Coast Franchise Law is proud to have acted as buyer’s counsel in a 3 unit Taco Bell franchise sale in Washington State:

“Our multi-generational family-owned business has grown a lot in the last 8 years to over 150 stores, and West Coast Franchise Law has been a big part of that growth. They help us with our corporate matters, acquisitions, new leasing and development, managing our lease portfolio and general business advice. They came to us with experience doing franchisee to franchisee transactions, corporate divestures and modification of franchisor to franchisee contracts. What we find helpful is that they have experience working with our franchisors and have cultivated relationships with the people that work there. They know the franchise administration and legal teams at Taco Bell and KFC. That continuity allows for consistent results when seeking partnership from the Franchisor. When it comes time to get something done, there’s no posturing or BS, just a focus getting to a realistic solution quickly. They help us complete deals by working collaboratively with everyone in the transaction and finding solutions. We think so much of them that we feature them in our offer letters, letting prospective acquisition targets know that we’ve got a great collaborative lawyer that will work efficiently and effectively to get our deal done smoothly.

“We’re bragging about our lawyers in our deal materials! We let other parties know that our lawyers know our industry and everyone in the industry. We get things done quickly and efficiently as they understand the market and focus on essential terms. When we need a professional to help us with anything, we can ask them and they will come up with someone great to help us out. We can’t say enough good things about this great firm.”

— –Brett and Adam Sibert

“Multi-unit restaurant franchise deals are complex legal and financial transactions with a small margin for error. West Coast Franchise Law’s extensive experience representing franchisees of multi-unit, quick-serve restaurants helps entrepreneurs and small business owners create and grow their business through acquisitions and sales in the food arena,” said Nate Riordan, Founding Lawyer at West Coast Franchise Law.

Nate practices franchise law in the areas of:

  • Purchase and Sale of Franchises
  • Multi-Unit Franchise Purchases and Sales
  • Leasing and Sale of Locations and Equipment
  • Transactional Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate Partnership
  • Commercial Leasing / Sale-Leaseback
  • Franchise Representation
  • Master Franchisor / Area Developer Representation

West Coast Franchise Law

If you have any questions about franchising, please contact the experienced franchise and business law attorneys at West Coast Franchise Law today at (206) 903-0401 to discuss your situation. Nate Riordan is a 2023 Franchise and Bankruptcy Super Lawyer with over 20 years expertise helping clients achieve their business goals.