How Creative Can Your Franchise Be?

Ways of Having an Impact Within the National Brand
Some may believe that it’s impossible to use the word “creativity” in the same sentence as “franchise.”

December 16, 2023

Ways of Having an Impact Within the National Brand

Some may believe that it’s impossible to use the word “creativity” in the same sentence as “franchise.” However, by choosing your spots, you can find new ways to build business while holding true to your parent brand. You continually develop new ideas, gain inspiration from other industries, and dream about the what-ifs of your plans. But where do you begin?

While there are some similarities in the general franchising model, all brands are carried out in different markets in different ways. That’s why it’s a must to find out which areas you can have more say and creativity. In general, there are a few areas where you may have more leeway.


As you think about how your business gets word to your clients, you’re undoubtedly thankful for the national ad spend that your brand pumps into the world to build valuable brand visibility. Your local advertising direction is just as important. No one knows quite how the brand fits into the community like you. Whether you’re going it alone or involving professionals at a marketing agency, you can support the national brand by touching on elements of the local fabric, such as history.


While most of your inventory decisions come from your franchisor, you may have the flexibility to add regionally or locally pertinent offerings. A good example comes from the retail world. A franchise in Orlando and a sister store in Maine may offer clothing, but their September inventory items could be considerably different from each other. Again, the key is to discover the options you have and then put your local expertise to work.


You have decision-making authority to build your team. While exercising that creative freedom, consider the power of bringing on those team members who are creative thinkers. Every year, you naturally lose more of your ability to see things in fresh ways. By bringing new talent with fresh ideas, they can help you identify new ways to stretch your creativity within the franchise model.

Most likely, the opportunities for creativity in your franchise exist. The key is finding them and enacting them.

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