Purchase and Sale of Franchised Businesses

We represent franchisees buying or selling the stock or the assets of all sizes of businesses. Buying or selling a business is an event most owners do only once or twice. It is important the transaction go smoothly, and that all risks inherent in such a transaction are understood and addressed appropriately. We strive to provide our clients with advice on managing risk, understanding options and making the best business decisions in the context of any given transaction. Contact us to discuss your deal and how we can help get it done.

Franchisee Representation

We represent franchisees with dozens of locations, as well as individuals buying their first franchise. We have reviewed franchise agreements and FDD’s from many different franchisors. Some representative franchise systems are: Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, Wendy’s, Amazing Lash, PIP Printing, Arby’s, Carl’s Jr, Jiffy Lube, Massage Envy, Fantastic Sam’s and many others.

We regularly help franchisees buy or sell locations, lease space, borrow money, lease equipment, handle insurance matters, renew franchise agreements and advise generally on all aspects of their business.

Master Franchisor/Area Developer Representation

Franchisors are using more and more area developers to expand. Also called sub-franchisors, and master franchisors, this arrangement is becoming more and more widespread. Having an attorney familiar with this type of arrangement review the agreement and negotiate on your behalf is crucial. Many points in the agreement have far-reaching implications. It is very important to understand what is in the agreement, and perhaps more important to understand what is not in the agreement (and should be). The firm has a great deal of experience in this area.