Free Webinar: Coronavirus Crisis Strategy for Franchise and Small Business Owners

Emergency Advice for Your Business During the Pandemic

What to Say and Do With Your Landlords, Lenders, Franchisor, Taxes and Employees by Nate Riordan, Franchise and Business Law Attorney: West Coast Franchise Law

In this free webinar, Nate Riordan, an insolvency and franchise attorney with over 22 years in restructuring and bankruptcy, will bring his experience to bear and offer advice on common financial problems facing businesses during the pandemic and answer questions about what to do and what not to do during this trying time. While the circumstances are new, conversations with lenders and landlords about financial distress are not new or different.


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• Monday, April 6
• 11am – 12noon PDT
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Tune in and listen to Nate:

• walk you through how to think about and approach hard conversations
• answer common questions about asset protection and bankruptcy
• tell you it just isn’t time to file bankruptcy yet

While there are no silver bullets, you will feel informed and reassured about the things Nate will discuss with you.

The webinar closes with Q&A with Nate.

Contact the franchise and business law attorneys at West Coast Franchise Law today at (206) 724-0846 to discuss your situation.  

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