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Pandemic Restrictions Transform Small Business Profits and Survival

Small Business Adapts To Pandemic Economy

As the pandemic restrictions press into its eighth month, small businesses are feeling the squeeze the most. There has been a 22% reduction in business activity nationwide (NBER), that’s 3.3 million inactive American business, some of which have closed permanently due to COVID-19 restrictions and the economic fallout that followed. And according to estimates from…

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COVID-19: What Are The Current and Potential Economic Costs?

coronavirus economic costs COVID-19 | What Are The Current and Potential Economic Costs? | Nate Riordan Seattle Franchise Attorney | West Coast Franchise Law

Each day that the coronavirus pandemic continues we receive more news of its devastating economic impacts not just in the U.S. but around the globe. Stock markets plunge, businesses close, and ordinary people are losing their jobs temporarily or permanently. The ramifications of the coronavirus will be felt long after the virus has been stopped—months…

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Is Your Franchise Business Closed Due to the Coronavirus?

Coronavirus Closings: Is Your Franchises Business Closed Due to the Coronavirus? | Franchise Attorney Nate Riordan

If you have a franchise business that is closed and cannot operate remotely due to the coronavirus closings (COVID-19), we have no doubt that this is extraordinarily stressful and that it is very much uncertain whether you can emerge from this with an intact business. We are happy to get on the phone with you…

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