West Coast Franchise Law is proud to have acted as seller’s counsel in a 35 unit Burger King franchise sale in December:

“West Coast Franchise Law has represented our company for several years now, helping us with leasing and development. They did a great job helping us grow and when it came time to sell our 35 Burger Kings to a large private equity group, they were there to help us with that too. They’ve been responsive and insightful, adding value to every transaction. When it came time to sell, they were a key factor in managing the deal process and finding solutions to problems as they arose. They were proactive in seeing issues that might arise and helped to think through solutions and negotiate fair outcomes.

We highly recommend West Coast Franchise Law. It is important to have a law firm that understands our business and we are grateful for their service during our growth and the sale of the business.

Thanks for helping.”

-Mark Escamilla and Phillip DeMaria, former Burger King franchisees

“Multi-unit restaurant franchise deals are complex legal and financial transactions with a small margin for error. West Coast Franchise Law’s extensive experience representing franchisees of multi-unit, quick-serve restaurants helps entrepreneurs and small business owners create and grow their business through acquisitions and sales in the food arena,” said Nate Riordan, Founding Lawyer at West Coast Franchise Law.Nate practices franchise law in the areas of:

  • Purchase and Sale of Franchises
  • Multi-Unit Franchise Purchases and Sales
  • Leasing and Sale of Locations and Equipment
  • Transactional Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate Partnership
  • Commercial Leasing / Sale-Leaseback
  • Franchise Representation
  • Master Franchisor / Area Developer Representation

Serving multi-unit, quick-serve franchises and their franchise, leasing and business law needs.

Do you have questions about protecting your franchise business? Contact us today (206) 903-0401 or nate@westcoastfranchiselaw.com.  

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